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What Is The SuperNet | High Speed Internet In Rural Alberta

What is The SuperNet?

Alberta’s fibre grid is a state-of-the-art, high-speed network made of over 13,000 km of fibre and 2,000 km of wireless connections. 


We've Come a Long Way

Before the SuperNet, only a handful of service providers could offer Internet access outside Edmonton and Calgary – and no one had access to a broadband connection. 

Today, because of the SuperNet, Axia can:

  • Connect 429 communities across Alberta’s diverse landscape to a state-of-the art fibre grid

  • Give more than 250,000 Albertans their choice of service providers and connection options

  • Deliver the fastest, most reliable connectivity across Alberta – above and beyond what most large urban centres in North American have access to

  • Enable more than 65 service providers to run their businesses

  • Provide Albertans with unlimited possibilities in the way they live, work and share online


Canada's Broadband Landscape

Alberta is the most connected province in the country, thanks in large part to the SuperNet.

Spanning 13,000 kms in fibre and across 429 communities in Alberta, the SuperNet provides connectivity like no other province in Canada. The SuperNet is an open network that enables over 60 internet service providers to offer choice for Albertans in how they connect to the world.

Technology Today

When it comes to connecting our province with the rest of the world, fibre is the future.

Fibre is purposely built to handle big data; it’s faster, more secure, and more reliable over great distances than copper cables. Axia is recognized as a world leader in building and operating these fibre networks to connect communities and transport information at the speed of light.

Open Access

Everyone deserves the freedom to choose how we connect.

Axia believes rural Albertans have an equal right to connect online. The SuperNet ensures that they can access the Internet – at the same speed and price as urban residents, and with the Internet service provider of their choice.

Provincial Landscape

Alberta is the most connected province in Canada, thanks to the SuperNet and the vast fibre network Axia operates.

But as our towns and cities grow in population and productivity, so does our need to increase bandwidth and connectivity. Fibre is for the future – and is the most logical solution for taking our Internet from where it is now to where it needs to be in the future.

Net Neutrality

An open internet gives us all access to the full resources of the Internet.

From logging in to pay your bills or checking how your team fared in the game, to marathon watching on Netflix and FaceTime calls with your family. It all matters to Albertans. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing a superior online experience to our customers, and continually work to bring that to the next level.

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